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Permit me to introduce myself: My name is Gustl Mollath.
My concern: Fairness for me, fairness for others, fairness for us all: To get an obstructed system of justice and government back on the right track.

After my contact with the outside world had been cut off in a most perfidious way, today I still need your participation and help.

My incredible story: How a bank almost succeeded in covering up illicit transfers of unreported income, and how a critic without a lobby was gagged with respect to reporting on abuses taking place in forensic psychiatry and in the area of psychiatric opinions.

You can find a description of these events in the Summary, in the Chronology or more rapidly (if understanding German) in the: 9-min. story of Report Mainz from December 2011 and in the current report of Monika Anthes and Eric Beres (Die Story, ARD) here:

"I would like to thank all those who support me in trying to give the rule of law a chance to work, by providing me with a retrial corresponding to the due process of a constitutional state.

"I would like to distance myself from extreme political persons and groups, including distancing myself from those who think they are helping me with illegal activities." (Gustl Mollath, Jan. 1, 2013)

"If possible, please tell all my supporters (the youngest that I know is called Lilli and is eight years old) via the internet that I am very thankful to them. Please excuse my not being able to answer all your letters personally. Best regards and good wishes to all of you, Gustl"
(Gustl Mollath, 2013-07-09)


News from the asylum:

All recent events can be found under News
(currently only partially translated)


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Email contact:

Although my communication options are currently limited, you can write me an email at info(at)gustl-for-help.de Please understand that I am not able to respond individually to each email, due to the large number of supporters writing me.


On this web site:

These pages are continually being updated and expanded by my supporters.


And here's my former hangout:

Here a few photos of my recent place of confinement. One hour of walking in the so-called garden, enclosed by NATO barbed wire in the inner area of the prison, is my only contact with a bit of nature.
(photos: private)


BKH Bayreuth Forensik

BKH Bayreuth Forensik

BKH Bayreuth Forensik

[Translation (with many thanks): Gloria Lindberg]


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